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Learning Together with Care and Respect

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Please click here for our EYFS handbook which has lots of information about your child's Reception year



At Priory Park Infant School and Playgroup we recognise the importance of giving our children the best possible start by planning and implementing teaching and learning opportunities that support them in reaching their full potential. We know that our children enter the Playgroup and Reception classes with varied life experiences and we aim to plan teaching and learning opportunities accordingly to address this. 

It is our intention to provide a broadly enriched, rounded and stimulating learning environment where children can work with adults and peers in a climate of mutual respect to develop;

  • Confidence in their ability to learn.
  • The social skills necessary to learn.
  • The emotional capabilities to enable them to understand their feelings and to solve problems.

 We aim to provide children, with a well-structured, safe, active learning environment both indoors and outdoors. This will enable them to develop the skills, attitudes and understanding that will form the basis of lifelong learning and encourage them to become useful, active members of a diverse and constantly changing society.




Our curriculum is planned and implemented using cross curricular themes which we cover one per half term. This approach, we feel gives children the opportunities to apply learning from across the curriculum that gives their work practical context and also opportunities to apply knowledge and skills they have learned. We provide a safe, stimulating outdoor learning environment in order to enhance teaching and learning against in engaging, problem solving, investigative and explorative ways. Children have daily opportunities to freely access the outdoor environment, which also enables them to increase their levels of physical activity. 

Throughout the Playgroup and Reception years, as part of the learning and teaching process, children will be assessed in relation to their progress towards the Early Learning Goals and timely support will provided to enable them to achieve their potential. 






All children will have experienced a curriculum that provides, exciting and enriching learning experiences and opportunities for children to learn through educational visits and planned, hands on learning experiences.  Children will actively ask questions about the world around them and their learning experiences and they will regularly seek out, and take advantage of all opportunities to learn. Children will be able to make links with their learning, and and apply skills learnt within their learning across the curriculum. Children will be successful learners and fully prepared for the next stage of their education as they transition from Foundation Stage to Year One. Children at the end of Foundation stage will have developed essential knowledge and skills required for everyday life and lifelong learning. Children at Priory Park Infants will be well rounded, happy, inquisitive and successful learners.



For more information on the EYFS framework, please click here:

DfE Statutory Framework for the EYFS. 

What to expect in EYFS