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Learning Together with Care and Respect




Through participation in the PSHE curriculum at Priory Park Infant School we intend for all children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to grow and develop into healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We take a holistic approach to the children’s development throughout Priory Infants and recognise the importance of not only how they develop academically but also spiritually, morally and socially. This is underpinned across the whole school with our Priory Values – Perseverance, Rules, Independence, Opportunity, Respect and Your voice. These are threaded throughout the curriculum which allows the children to develop the cultural capital they need to succeed in their lives. Staff and children refer to these learning values when reflecting upon learning and experiences as well as during whole School assemblies.

We recognise that children are growing up in an ever changing world and we help the children establish a strong understanding of diversity and awareness of others. We encourage children to take an active role in our school community to support their understanding of the roles and responsibilities they will encounter later in life.

The intent of our PSHE curriculum is to be inclusive and accessible to allow all children to maximise their opportunities to know more, remember more and understand more. We intend to have a flexible curriculum that supports all children throughout the school. We understand that each child and group of children have different experiences so we adapt our approach to different aspects of the curriculum depending on the children and these experiences.




At Priory Park Infant school we implement PSHE learning by building on and developing the children’s experiences and understanding. We use discussion and group work to allow all children to participate fully in the PSHE learning process. To stimulate children’s thoughts and feelings across all areas of PSHE we use visual stimuli such as photographs and video clips.


To ensure that children get a broad and balanced curriculum we believe that PSHE must be taught weekly but also be integrated where appropriate into other areas of school life such as assemblies and manners and behaviours around school. All teachers follow a PSHE structure but have the freedom to address issues and questions that may arise in their individual class. Weaved throughout our PSHE learning is the statutory SRE (Sex and relationships education) taught at an age appropriate level. We place high importance on the children’s understanding of relationships and how they interact with others to enable the children to have healthy relationships in their lives.


The PSHE curriculum is split into three core themes of: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.  The children will meet these themes throughout the course of the year and the themes are built upon as the children move through school. We place high importance on the children’s development in relationships education by giving them a variety of opportunities to explore similarities and differences between people to build on their tolerance and respect of others.

The children take part in daily discussions and reflections through a range of activities including celebration assemblies. At Priory Park Infant School we recognise and value the children’s thoughts, feelings and viewpoints. We hold regular ‘big conversations’ which allow all children to share their thoughts and ideas about a range of topics and curriculum areas. We use the ideas generated during these times to employ change within the School.

All staff actively promote Priory Park Infants learning values that underpin our curriculum. For example, Staff look for and praise children on specific activities relevant to one of our values.




The children will be able to understand and know about our Priory Values. They will Persevere in challenges and everyday school life, understand the importance of rules and also be independent individuals. The will have been given opportunities within the PSHE curriculum and everyday life to become confident learners. The impact of our PSHE curriculum will teach the children about respect both towards their peers and adults in school. We also intend our children to understand the importance of their ‘voice’ and the voice of others.

When they leave Priory Park Infant School we intend that our children will take their developing knowledge, skills and understanding with them so that they make the most of their futures.