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Learning Together with Care and Respect




At Priory Park Infants, we believe that being exposed to different forms of Music provides all children with the opportunity to create, play, perform and enjoy a wide variety of musical genres. Within Music, we hope to inspire children, build a love of learning for Music and bring a sense of community both within a class and as whole school.  


Our intent is to make Music inclusive and accessible to all children. Music is broad and open-ended, allowing children the opportunity to share their opinion and appraise different styles of music. It also teaches children to respect one another’s voice as well as different genres and cultures from across the globe.   


Throughout the wider curriculum, Music also plays a part towards the learning of our children. We believe the use of Music enhances learning and provides children with a better understanding of different key topic and knowledge, helping them to know more and remember more over a period of time.    




At Priory Park Infants we have chosen to use the Charanga scheme as our main platform for teaching Music within our curriculum. By doing this, we can ensure that our children are achieving the three main aims for Music as stated in the National Curriculum (2014). Charanga provides a well-rounded sequence of learning to follow, where children are asked to listen and appraise, take part in musical activities (identifying rhythm and pulse), sing, play instruments and perform.


All children take part in a Singing Assemblies each week (EYFS are phased throughout the spring term). Children receive the opportunity to learn different songs that link with different times of the year (for example, Harvest, Christmas) and also songs that link to our 6 Priory Values (Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Opportunity, Rules and Your Voice). 




Children have an enjoyment for Music and show curiosity for different genres ad instruments. Our children are able to enjoy music in as many ways as they chose either as a listener, creator or as a performer. Our Music curriculum outlines progression, builds upon knowledge and embeds key skills using subject specific vocabulary that progresses through each year group. Our children start to develop some awareness to the emotional impact music can have on themselves and an audience.  


We know that our children make progress because they are able to talk about what they have learnt and use subject specific language. We assess this through learning walks, pupil voice, videos and through teacher comments.