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Learning Together with Care and Respect

Collecting Your Child

Please be punctual at the end of the sessions. Children get very distressed if they see everyone going home except them.  If you are unavoidably delayed please try to contact us 01480 403688.


The Playgroup reserves the right to charge parents/carers for the extra time spent safeguarding your child outside the playgroup’s hours. This will be at the following rates:


5 to 15 minutes£5.00
Over 15 minutes£10.00


Your child will not be permitted to leave the premises with an adult we do not know. As Parents/carers you are asked to provide us with a list of people that are approved by yourselves and are able to collect your son/daughter. An approved person must be aged 16 or over.


Please ensure that you complete the Authorised Collectors Sheet and return with all other admission documents.


If the person collecting your child is not an Authorised Collector you will need to complete The Collectors Book which can be obtained from any member of staff. This book will require your signature and the collector’s signature. In extenuating circumstances we have a password system.