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Year 2  

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Thursday 4th February Phonics Phase 5 Video

Monday 25th January Phonics Phase 5 Video

Thursday 21st January Phonics Phase 6 Video

Wednesday 20th January Phonics Phase 6 Video

Monday 18th January Phonics Phase 5 Video

Monday 18th January Phonics Phase 6 Video

Autumn Term 2019

The children have been learning about Florence Nightingale this term, and thinking about the ways in which she helped to improve nursing. As part of our topic, we had a 'Florence Nightingale' day where the children could wear nursing or soldier clothing if they wished. The children took part in different activities across the classrooms, including bandaging and caring for each other after a talk from a nurse about how to do it correctly. The children also used a mangle and handled artefacts such as old irons, to replicate how difficult it was to keep bedding clean to prevent the spread of disease. Our year 2 children also practised making beds and caring for 'injured' soldiers too. The day was a great success and the children really enjoyed the hands on aspect of the whole day.  

Firefighters at PPI! - Spring 2

The Year 2 children have had an exciting morning learning all about fire safety and how it has changed since the Great Fire of London in 1666. The children enjoyed a firsthand experience finding out why the fire service is so important and why we are so much safer today. Don't be surprised if they've come home and asked you to check your smoke alarms! 

Clay Modelling - Spring 1

This half-term the Year 2 children have been having fun exploring and modelling with clay. They have practised moulding, shaping, hatching and attaching, and have used these skills to create a mouse model.

Exploring Fossils - Autumn 2

The Year 2 children had a fantastic morning being paleontologists! They delicately brushed away the sand with special tools and uncovered some truly spectacular fossils. 


Florence Nightingale Morning - Autumn 2

The children spent a wonderful morning having some hands on experience of life in the times of Florence Nightingale. The children got to spend time in each classroom; they made hospital beds and learnt how to care for injured soldiers, practised bandaging the wounded and learnt how difficult it was to keep sheets and bed linen clean. They even had to grate their own carbolic soap and use a mangle to wash the sheets! The children were fascinated to learn more about life in the hospitals during the Crimean War.