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Reverse Advent Calendar

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we get nearer to Christmas, as a school we like to take the opportunity to give back where we can. This year we would like to support our own community by taking part in the “St Neots Food Bank Reverse Advent Calendar” which you might have seen advertised on social media. We feel that supporting this cause will help children be active members of their local community and see that even the smallest donation can make a big difference to someone or a family, especially at Christmas time.

Each class will be assigned 3 items to go into hampers at the Food Bank and staff will also be contributing from their own assigned list as well. These items will be displayed in classroom windows and on Tapestry for you to see.


Robins: Long Life Fruit Juice, Tube Crisps, Soup

Wrens: Long Life Milk, Tinned Rice Pudding, Soup

Larks: Hot Chocolate, Tinned Sweetcorn, Soup

Kestrels: Custard, Crackers, Coffee

Owls: Stuffing, Tinned Vegetables, Coffee

Woodpeckers: Gravy Granules, Crisps (packs of 6), Coffee

Kingfishers: Tea Bags (80s), Pasta Sauce, Box of Biscuits

Swifts: Jam, Tinned Tuna, Box of Biscuits

Nightingales: Tinned Peaches, Cereal, Box of biscuits

Staff: Shower gel, Chocolates, Christmas Pudding


Please note:

  • Donations must be brought into the classroom and not through the office
  • Check for long expiration dates where possible
  • You do not need to contribute 1 of each item
  • This is a voluntary contribution; you are under NO obligation to participate
  • Donations must be brought in by Friday 26th November (any donations after this date will not be accepted by the school)

Any questions please ask on the Tapestry post, or direct to Miss Law (TA in Year 2).

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Law